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Introducing Gonebusy for Slack

Whether you're on-the-go, planning that next million dollar idea, or in the middle of an important conversation with your team, Gonebusy helps you make the most of your time.

Add to Slack

Easily book meetings, conference rooms, coffee breaks, happy hours, or band practice – all within Slack.

Never leave Slack to work with your Google Calendar.

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Gonebusy_Icons_Final Book Events
Need a conference room for your next meeting? Or want to hop on Hangouts for a quick chat? Easy.
Gonebusy_Icons_Final What's Happening Today?
Quickly see your daily calendar with the simple slack command: /today
Gonebusy_Icons_Final Manage Schedules
See resource availability, mark yourself busy, move events around, invite people to meet, and much more.
Gonebusy_Icons_Final Stay Up to Date
Get all of your Calendar updates in Slack, read through them on your own time. Finally turn off those browser notifications 🎂

Get Started

It really couldn't be any easier to add Gonebusy – just click the Add to Slack button to get started.


You're almost there – sync your schedule and resources by connecting your Google Calendar.


You're all set. See, we told you it was easy. Start by viewing your schedule with /today.

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