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Introducing Gonebusy for Slack

Say hello to working with your Google calendars and resources within Slack! Book meetings, conference rooms, coffee breaks, whatever else you can think of, just by talking to the Gonebusy bot.

Add to Slack

Never leave Slack to work with your Google Calendar.

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Gonebusy_Icons_Final Book Events
Book your conference rooms for a meeting, your fellow colleagues for a coffee at the corner, go nuts!
Gonebusy_Icons_Final What's Happening Today?
Quickly see your daily agenda with /today. View any day or weekly agenda. Get to that Hangout Link!
Gonebusy_Icons_Final Manage Schedules
Mark yourself busy, move meetings around, invite people to existing meetings and much more.
Gonebusy_Icons_Final Find Common Time
Find common time between people, find when meeting rooms are available and more.

Get Started

First things first. Click that Add To Slack button to get started.


Connect your Google Calendar to sync your schedule, resources, and more. Or don’t. Up to you!


You’re all set to use Gonebusy in Slack! Start by viewing your schedule with /today.

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